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 The Respect Life Committee (RLC) provides leadership for all pro life activities of the parish. All activities undertaken by the RLC are consistent with Catholic doctrine and will utilize information provided by the Philadelphia Archdiocese and legitimate Church authorities such as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop(USCCB).  These activities reach their potential through the efforts of the pastor and parish volunteers, whose work is crucial to their success of the programs.

The mission of the RLC is concentrated in four main areas: EducationalPastoralSpiritual and Public Policy.

The Educational programs encompass all ages. Some activities include:

  • Information distribution (bulletin inserts, fliers and pamphlets) on topics regarding respecting life from “womb to tomb”

  • Seminars with pro life guest speakers on topics such as Catholic bioethics, end of life issues, sexual morality, chastity, natural family planning and authentic Catholic health care for infertile couples

  • School children essay contests

  • Encouraging teen participation in the March for Life in Washington, DC and Generation Life

The activities of the Pastoral program include:        

  • Baby Burial project

  • Bereavement services offered to those who lost children through miscarriage

  • Financial and material support of women in crisis pregnancy through both the Gabriel project and local women’s crisis pregnancy homes. 

The Spiritual programs include (but are not limited to):

  • Prayer vigils at local abortion providing hospitals

  • “Adopt a baby” prayer program

  • Assisting with pro life celebrations such as Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Feast of the Annunciation and Masses for children lost in early childhood.

  • Ensuring the parish community prays for life monthly with the “Father, all life is in your care” prayer card located in the missal books.

The Public Policy facet of the RLC works to educate parishioners and public officials alike on pro-life issues and to effect policies that respect and protect human life. These activities are done with the support of the Pro Life Union of Southeast PA.  Examples include:

  • Annual October Life Chain with members of the local Christian community

  • Letter writing campaigns and petition drives for pro life legislation (including end of life issues)

  • Attendance at Abington Memorial Hospital’s Annual Open Board meeting

  • Activities that increase awareness of destructive and immoral means of treating infertility and promoting the moral alternatives such as Naprotechnology and adoption.


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