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The CYO program at Immaculate Conception is the athletics-oriented component of our broader youth ministry. As such, the mission of the CYO program is to evangelize the Gospel message and Catholic moral values through a comprehensive sports program.

The CYO program accomplishes this by:

  • Reinforcing the goodness of physical activity and play in a youth’s personal development by offering a variety of sports teams.

  • Teaching and reinforcing the values of sportsmanship, fraternity, humility, and discipline in a safe and positive setting.

  • Encouraging the youth to discern their place in the parish community and be active participants through service and social events.

To ensure that the CYO program faithfully reflects Catholic moral values and the Gospel message, all of the participants, volunteers, and families of CYO at Immaculate Conception are expected to support and reflect the mission of the program through appropriate conduct.

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